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HSR_PM25_GDP/PM25_mortality_GDP_20211209 (MapServer)

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Service Description: The map at NUTS3 level presents mortality associated with population exposure to PM2.5 (premature deaths and years of life lost) . Average population-weighted concentrations of PM2.5 are presented and the layers can be viewed against GDP per capita to understand associations between socio-economic characteristics, air quality and mortality.Air quality and mortality data are from 2018; the GDP per capita data is from 2018, gap-filled with 2017 data.

Map Name: Mortality attributed to exposure to PM2.5 (2018)


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Layers: Description: The map presents the population-weighted concentrations of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and the number of premature deaths and years of life lost attributed to the exposure to PM2.5 in 2018. The map also shows the GDP per capita to present the associations between socio-economic conditions and mortality associated with air pollution.

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