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FISE/Forest_Richness_Index (ImageServer)

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Service Description: This dataset refers to the Richness index of Species and Habitats of Conservation Concern indicator. This indicator has been developed to be used as a sub-indicator for contributing to the identification of the High Nature Value (HNV) Forest Areas as it will be integrated with other sub-indicators of horizontal structure, management and naturalness to generate the final composite indicator. It is composed itself of three sub-indicators: “Forest Non-bird species”, “Forest bird species” and “Forest habitats”. All the three sub-indicators build on distribution data from the reporting of habitat and species conservation status under Article 17 of the Habitats Directive and Article 12 of the Birds directive which describe their distribution at 10km grid resolution. The forest species and the forest habitats proposed to be used for the HNV forest area identification were selected based on expert judgement (ETC/BD) and raster files reporting the count of forest species and habitats were created. At this stage, no weight is applied based on Habitat and Species prioritization, conservation status or endemism. The sub-indicators were then normalized for each European forest type and successively combined not assigning any specific weight to a particular sub-indicator. The values for this indicator, present in this dataset, ranges between 0 and 1. The values close to 1 mean high presence of habitats and species related to forest, whereas the lower richness are closer to 0. It covers the forested areas of the EU 27 (2007) Member States except for Cyprus (data from Croatia will be reported starting from the next update regarding the period 2013-2018).

Name: FISE/Forest_Richness_Index


Forest richness index. UK removed

Single Fused Map Cache: false

Extent: Initial Extent: Full Extent: Pixel Size X: 999.9643876196405

Pixel Size Y: 999.9203917211557

Band Count: 1

Pixel Type: F32

RasterFunction Infos: {"rasterFunctionInfos": [ { "name": "ForestRichnessIndex", "description": "A raster function template.", "help": "" }, { "name": "None", "description": "", "help": "" } ]}

Mensuration Capabilities: Basic

Has Histograms: true

Has Colormap: false

Has Multi Dimensions : false

Rendering Rule:

Min Scale: 0

Max Scale: 0

Copyright Text: European Environment Agency

Service Data Type: esriImageServiceDataTypeGeneric

Min Values: 0

Max Values: 0.952827513217926

Mean Values: 0.3166535342185356

Standard Deviation Values: 0.15768695753198236

Object ID Field:

Fields: None

Default Mosaic Method: Center

Allowed Mosaic Methods:


SortValue: null

Mosaic Operator: First

Default Compression Quality: 75

Default Resampling Method: Bilinear

Max Record Count: null

Max Image Height: 4100

Max Image Width: 15000

Max Download Image Count: null

Max Mosaic Image Count: null

Allow Raster Function: true

Allow Copy: true

Allow Analysis: true

Allow Compute TiePoints: false

Supports Statistics: false

Supports Advanced Queries: false

Use StandardizedQueries: false

Raster Type Infos: Has Raster Attribute Table: false

Edit Fields Info: null

Ownership Based AccessControl For Rasters: null

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