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Drought/Growing_Season_Mean_Soil_Moisture_2000_2019 (MapServer)

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Service Description: The dataset addresses the long-term average of Soil Moisture Index (SMI) during the annual vegetation growing season (GS) period with respect to the 2000–2019 reference years. The SMI dataset is provided by JRC's European Drought Observatory (EDO) at 5km spatial resolution and measures the ratio between local wilting point and field capacity of the soil profile on a 10-day temporal frequency. SMI is equal to 0 when the soil is severely dry (wilting point) and equal to 1 when the soil moisture is above the field capacity. Vegetation GS is derived from the EEA phenology time series indicator, namely the start and length of the GS period at 500m spatial resolution. The SMI is used to compute soil moisture anomalies (SManom) during the GS season period. Monitoring SManom is a precondition for managing drought adaptation and resilience of ecosystems, such as foreseen by the EU Nature restoration plan of the EU Biodiversity strategy 2030. Dataset reference:

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